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Winning the Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award instantly distinguishes you as a leader in your industry. People have greater faith in award-winning companies as most see the honor as an indication that your product or service is one that can be trusted. You are a highly ranked business, and Talk of the Town encourages you to take advantage of the benefits that come with your award and recognition. With proper marketing, your newfound status will help create new interest and generate new revenue. Showcase your award in your facility and on your website:

  1. To Gain New Customers – Consumers are curious about award-winning businesses. They often base their decisions on those of their peers. When they see that you have won the award, it can lead them to choose you over your competition because you have been recognized for giving customers what they want and expect.
  2. To Build Credibility as Part of the Elite – Only the top consumer-rated businesses win the award. This builds credibility with your potential customers and boosts your reputation. Not every business will reach award status.
  3. To Build Relationships with Your Current Customer Base – When your customers see your award on display and know they played a part in your victory, they will take pride and “ownership” of their role. This will lead to them spreading the good news and remaining loyal to you in the future.
  4. To Retain Your Employees – The “stamp of approval” from an unbiased source improves employee morale. When employees are proud of their achievements, they share the news with prospects and customers.
  5. To Upgrade the Value of Your Business – Awards can help businesses become profitable, more attractive to potential buyers and secure funding from the banking community by representing the award-winning business as a viable and stable business.

Grab control of your image and reputation and bring potential customers to your award page on our website. Use your personalized promotional materials including press releases, plaques, certificates and decals to display your Customer Satisfaction Award on your website and in your facility.