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Talk of the Town About Us OUR VOW: As a company, we vow to benefit consumers and businesses alike by providing comprehensive and accurate research in the area of customer satisfaction for businesses in the United States and Canada. We will accomplish this through a fair and balanced rating system that combines data collected from customer reviews, surveys, blogs, social networks, business-rating services, and other honors and accolades to determine the top consumer-rated businesses across the United States and Canada. We will help those that are struggling to make a name for themselves gather the tools they need to improve their ratings.

Our goal is clear — to give consumers an overview of business’ customer reviews and feedback while helping businesses gain the winning edge that attracts new interest and generates new revenue.

BEHIND THE VISION: There are hundreds of new websites dedicated to rating almost everything on the planet. Because these websites are typically free and uncensored they can be scathingly accurate, for better or for worse. Millions of people are using these sites as referrals before jumping into any new product, service or whatever else they are going to buy.

Six years ago business owners asked for help in gaining control of their image and reputation by providing consumers a fair and unbiased overview of their business. The Talk of the Town News business rating division was created to calculate CM Power Ratings™, and we are now in our sixth year of rating businesses throughout the United States and Canada. Both business owners and consumers search our award pages to see who has received top honors. Only the highest rated businesses, those with a 4-star to 5-star rating, win the Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award.