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All contents of this website, including the text and graphics, are owned by or licensed to us. You may not reproduce or copy any of the material on this website without our prior written consent. Talk of the Town News and Awards, a division of Celebration Media, determines star ratings based on online business and public reviews; ratings do not mean Talk of the Town News and Awards endorses companies’ products or services.

Do business owners have to pay for their Talk of the Town Awards?
The Talk of the Town Award is earned, NOT paid for.
Our Ratings Division reviews businesses at no charge and awards a star rating to each based on online customer reviews, blogs, social networks, business rating services, and other honors and accolades. Those that reach the highest of five tiers have a free award page on our website that can be updated, edited and linked to through their own web address. To further promote their award for providing the ultimate customer experience, winners have an opportunity to order custom promotional materials to showcase their star rating. These promotional materials are only available to those that have earned award status.

Why does Talk of the Town News provide results of its research to you at no charge?
We believe that small and emerging businesses need valuable customer research and marketing tools to help them compete for new business and retain their current customer base. In the past, the only companies that could afford such research were large corporations. Talk of the Town News has changed all that. We are dedicated to helping provide marketing tools to help small business succeed. Everything we do is for that reason. The Talk of the Town Awards were created to provide marketing tools for emerging businesses that are excelling in serving their customers and getting their high marks.

What did I do to earn the Talk of the Town Award?
You and your staff must have provided excellent customer care, which resulted in high marks. Our Ratings Division searches the Internet and calculates scores based on all resources including online customer reviews, blogs, social networks, business rating services, and other honors and accolades. Scores are tallied and only those reaching the highest of five tiers qualify.

What does the recognition mean to me and my business?
To a business it means everything. It reflects your customer’s opinion of your business and drives new business referrals. You can leverage this award to thank customers, staff and returning and new business development.

Are the Talk of the Town Awards real?
Yes, the awards are real. Our company is led by professionals with more than 30 years of successful business-to-business publishing experience with a unique vision. We hired the best editors, writers, administrative staff and research team to produce the best results. We have invested a great deal of time and financial resources to survey the thousands of businesses with online posts from customers in order to qualify those that have been getting good ratings. In fact, it takes up to 9 full-time people just in our Ratings Division to make sure we cover the entire country and most of Canada each year. The Talk of the Town Award measures and recognizes businesses for what their customers say about them online at different websites. No one can buy an award; it has to be earned.

Is Talk of the Town affiliated with the U.S. Commerce Association?
No, Talk of the Town is an independent organization that provides outcome studies and delivers pertinent resources to help businesses improve their customer care and better understand what customers are saying online. We have no association, past or present, with the U.S. Commerce Association.

Why would a closed business still be listed on the search engine?
Every month our Ratings Division calculates scores for businesses based on the previous 12-month period. If a business has enough positive reviews and other criteria to qualify for the award, they are placed in our search engine and they will not be rated again until the following year. As this is an annual audit, occasionally there may be a business that has closed within that period that we would not be aware of until the following year when they came up for review again.

How do I promote the Recognition and Award?
We offer several opportunities to purchase promotional materials such as a plaque, press kit, and .jpg file for your website and company profile. Congratulations for making a difference in your community and providing the services, products, management, leadership and staff that has earned your Talk of the Town Award rating.

How long does it take to receive custom promotional materials?
Once payment is received, you can expect your materials to arrive within 4-6 weeks.

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