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You Worked Hard to Win Your Award, Don’t Let Your Efforts go Unnoticed…

The Talk of the Town CM Power Ratings™ system is a snapshot representing countless hours of research and almost one million online user reviews searched. More importantly, it is a valuable resource for you and your company. Winning the Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award instantly distinguishes you as a leader in your industry. Since people have greater faith in award-winning companies, the positive recognition will impress new prospects and customers, thereby adding to the potential to boost your revenue and profit margins.

Promotion is not only essential to maintaining your business; its future growth and expansion depend on it.


With proper marketing, your newfound award status can help create new interest in your company and generate new revenue. Using your Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award is also one of the most inexpensive ways of branding your business. Our promotional materials and press release packages give you benefits equivalent to a budget-busting advertising campaign.

Talk of the Town encourages you to take advantage of the benefits that come with your award and recognition as a highly rated business.

Below are suggestions that will help you promote your award and leverage your good name:
  • Put the Talk of the Town winner logo and plaque image on your website and link it to the press release that explains the award. Also, include an expression of employee and customer appreciation on your website.
  • Buy the plaque and post it at your business for everyone to see. It will demonstrate to your staff and customers that you are getting top ratings and reviews and encourage them to tell others.
  • Let us harness the power of the press release to get your business noticed! As a recipient of the highly coveted Talk of the Town Award, you have the unique opportunity to use our dedicated staff of writers to create a press release designed to get your business the positive attention it deserves. Our professional team of writers will work with you to create a press release that will tell your story and showcase your award status.
  • Appreciate those who helped you get this award. Dedicate a day, week or month to employees, customers, vendors, business associates and friends. Send thank you cards; use emails, display banners and table cards; give them an award T-shirt; or just call them. Encourage people to continue to write online and give you feedback.
  • Make your Talk of the Town Award a focus of your marketing plan. Include the logo and verbiage in advertisements and media campaigns.
  • Place the logo in your email signature and have your employees do this as well.
  • Find blogs and write about it.
  • Throw a Talk of the Town party to celebrate your award status and invite co-workers, friends and family.
  • Update your company and personal biography to include the award. Adding this honor to your company or personal bio will show potential customers and partners that your business is award winning. Update your online network sites as well.